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Re: [microsound] ovalprocess software

I spoke to Markus Popp about this several years ago, and he made it clear that this software will never be uploaded anywhere....it's really not that interesting either...its made in director and is basically a loop player with multiple tracks and very few editing/processing parameters...very dated.
as I understood it, the software were not made for musicproducton, but as an simple interface to the "ovalprocess" installations.

I think the hype surrounding this software were generated by Popps secrecy  about his tools, and the somewhat complex sound of his music, leading some people to think that he had some kind of "magic box"

as anyone can hear Popps music consists of heavily layered sounds, processed with standard plug-ins / hardware filters - nothing outstanding about that other than Popps ability to mix heavy emotional content into a connceptual discourse - with a bit more luck than the average laptopgeek

Kassen <kassen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anybody know if this can be found online, or would anyone who has it
> generous enough to email it to me?

I don´t have it but are you aware that Oval also did music and sound design
for a hidden level in the video game "Rez" on the ps2?
That might be of interest?


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