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RE: [microsound] richard devine sets some fancy keyboard

>I think if I was younger I'd think it
would be awesome, but these days it just seems like a waste of gear. 
Granted, Rich is in a position to trash it without consequence.  I'd be
lying if I didn't envy that capacity.  I perform occasionally, and I
know I'd certainly like to smash my laptop on occasion ;)

so do it

i just cant......
in my opinion many of the list members should remember what is was like to be jung. not the blue eyed "i belive everything" stuff, but very open minded and life/events enjoying. 
i mean that some things must not be discussed, espessialy the ones that are usles to comment. its not an open relations comercial list where we discuss the new ford comercial or what so ever.... so let some events be if there is nothing to discuss about and consentrate on topics with more potenital....
for instance, when was the last project started here......
less talk more work big boys.......
and no xenaxis or cage nonsense again ok.......


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