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[microsound] steim and improvising techno

hey everyone, apologies for the cross-post

I wonder if anyone has any information, opinions, ideas, rants relating to STEIM in The Netherlands (www.steim.nl). As well as holding workshops, lectures, concerts, and having an artist's hotel, they build instruments that promise to allow a much more expressive interface between computers and humans - complex, delicate, and sensitive devices with hundreds of sensors that fire off midi control messages.

One of my continuing interests is in taking the rudiments of techno music and turning it into an improv performance. (I passionately believe that techno in the experimental/Detroit senses of the word has been one of the most interesting developments in electroacoustic music in the last 15 years, and its relative neglect in the world of 'art' and 'academic' music upsets me greatly.) At the moment I improvise using a laptop and a mouse and the sounds of the environment I'm performing in, but I feel I'm approaching the expressive limits of having only one two-dimensional analog input (the mouse). (I could try to work within those limits, I suppose, but playing with new toys is potentially more fun.)

More importantly, other musicians can have difficulty communicating with me an in improv jam - I can't really look them in the eye because I'm hunched over my laptop. I play crosslegged on the floor because it frees up my body to move more than sitting at a desk but it's still not ideal.

As an impoverished electroacoustic music student, I'm applying for a Creative New Zealand grant to get me over there for a little while on a professional development trip. The grant pool is hotly competitive so any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.


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