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Re: AW: [microsound] richard devine sets some fancy keyboard alight...

just before any of this pseudo-intellectual fanboyism goes any further, regarding the brilliant and cutting edge interplay of primordial symbolism and gesturally encrypted meaning, remember...


I find the term 'pseudo-intellectualism' to be rather questionable (not to mention offensive)


Originality is an overused protocol.

How do we know that anything we do has not already been done?
does it even matter?

People have made music before too.
Does that mean that no-one can make music again without it being an immitation of the first song ever concieved?
or maybe all pieces of music are different? -but then can you not see differences between Jimi's + Richard's performances?

Perhaps the performance was aluding to the cyclic nature of innovation.
afterall, a keyboard like that could be considered as symbolic of innovation.

"what's that expression? oh yeah: 'been there, done that..."

have you?

I havent.

~ Chris Osborne

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