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[microsound] Fw: new autistici web-site

the beech boys classic album destroyed and recontextualised into a modern format 


this album is being posted on message boards for the love of music not money - please distribute these mp3's to all your friends [p2p] 

maybe brian wilson will be flattered 

maybe he will hate it and remove it 

get it now - before the lawyers move in to remove it....
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From: autistici 
To: microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 11:21 AM
Subject: new autistici web-site

hi list

i have a fascination with abstract micro-sounds, ambience and near silence

i would like to extend an invitation to visit my new web-site

you will find 8 mp3 tracks free to download and some relevant information/links

would value feedback + happy to engage in discussions

_/| www.autistici.com |\_
_/| abstract ambience :: broken space |\_