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RE: [microsound] process [was :new autechre]

Paulo Mouat wrote on 5/8/05:

>The issue Xenakis had with serialism (not strictly integral) was the
>arbitrariness of the row and its permutation straitjacket.  To him, a
>much more natural law would be that of large numbers, where
>probabilities can be expressed at larger scales without much
>interference in the individual events.

Well, more Varga interview:

"The composers [meaning the Darmstadt crowd] thought they were orthodox
serialists but that was only true on paper. In reality they had mass
events which they should have listened to in an unbiased manner. On the
level of conscious thinking they should have introduced such notions as
average density, average duration, colours and so on. I tried to point
that out in my article [the Gravesaner Blatter essay previously noted].
All that, however, would have led to a radical way of thinking which
could result in only one thing: instead of serial music, stochastic
music, probabilities."

Conversations with Xenakis, p. 54


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