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Re: [microsound] new autechre

So since Autechre are kicking off the tour jams in DC tonight, I thought It might be nice to post this totally off-topic link about the DC aka. Doom Capital (for the slow jam sludge-doom-metal freaks out there) in yesterdays city paper, its a history/timeline of the little known but extremely influential DC doom metal scene.


Would be killer if Rob Hall dropped some Internal Void tonight at the black cat.

Current listenning - No order - No genra, just felt like sharing.

BJ Nilsen - Fade to white (stunning compostions, warm, dense, soothing)
Mouthus - S/T (caveman noise, in heavy rotation, just got this yesterday, excellent)
Octis - Ocrilim (if you like the new autechre than listen to this, dont ask me why, diffficult and brilliant)
Filament - Box Set (a lot of material here, good times with tiny sounds)
PSI - mp3 on addenda (great stuff, love it, have listened to this track many times, excellent excellent)
Rosy Parlane - 1-4 (classic sigma recording, drones drones and more drones)
Smoke and Smoke - Love suffers long (new godheadsilo, some excellent songs on this disc, heavy)
The Skaters - cdr (forget thuja, just kidding)
Wolf Eyes - Dog Jaw (awesome follow up to burned mind, very limited release, excellent tracks)
Notthesamecolor - live at 5jahre (dieb13 and billy from efzeg, excellent stuff)
Accelera Deck - Pop Polling (melodic awesomeness)
ESO Steel - Ina (dark stuff here, love it, dense work with contact mics and field recordings)
Eyehategod - Take as needed for pain (westcoast sludge masters, painful)
Filip/Malfatti/Mattin/Roberts - Building Excess (Very tense, in a quiet kinda way)

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