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[microsound] re: I (HEART) SND


i must admit that i am a huge fan of SND and mark's work.
(hence the LINE release of MARK FELL's TEN TYPES OF ELSEWHERE on LINE=20=
which i released... which is wonderful and almost sold out i think..=20
get em now)

i totally agree. snd invented everything. yet, none of their numerous copycats ever managed to match their skills, notably "architectural". like i was saying to a friend recently, the only things people ever thought was important in their work is the "woosh" vacuum cleaner sound. which led to countless straight 4/4 "click house" outings which nobody is capable to listen to nowadays. (YES, i'm overgeneralising.)

contrast with any snd album: put it on, it still works. & the three CDs are pretty different from each other, too. (& there's the two 12"s & the nice 7" with the locked grooves too, & i might be forgetting some more.)

last time snd came to montreal, for mutek, most people hated it because it wasn't the harmless square ambience they expected from an electronic act. snd were building their tracks live & they were pulling out some of the most original constructions i've ever heard. i'm almost sure there was a fair amount of improv in their set. i wish that show had been recorded.

ah yeah, & mark fell's album on richard's label falls along the lines of those great pieces of inexplicable high abstraction electronics, like florian hecker's _[ot] xackpy breakpoint_ or haiven/vaughn's _front_ (i'm sure there are more of that ilk, it's just people never talk about them).

structure, a lost art.

have a nice day
~ david

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