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Re: [microsound] new autechre

I should probably not rise to this bait as i have long since learned that people seldom change their ideas, but:
I am amazed and dissapointed at the negative opinions being put forward on this list with regard to autechres new album. 
Firstly autechre are the most innovative electronic duo out there, and nobody else comes close, not aphex twin, not frigging fennesz, not matmos, not carsten nicolai, i mean i could go on and on.
Since the release of chiastic slide autechre have evolved by giant leaps between each album and each release. The only releases that sound like they are coming from terrain that is sonically similar are confield, and draft 7:30, name me one other artist who manages to do this..........
actually fuck it i cant really be bothered to waste my time with this shit man, you know instead of criticising peoples stuff why dont you make something better yourself. better yet why dont all of you put mp3s up somewhere, which you think are examples of better work than whats on untilted, than let the microsound list decide if your in a position to be such pricks!!


p.s. wow look... a thread!

> i listened to tri repetae just to make sure it wasn't always so ho-
> hum and it still sounded pretty fresh to me.

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