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[microsound] mpls : call for laptop musicians

Hi all,

We're looking for performers for the second installment of a well-received
event we did last year called Laptops Unplugged. It's a group
improvisation where laptop performers play in an intimate cabaret theater
space using only the computer's external speakers for amplification. Last
year the musicians were set up all over the space (I don't think anyone
was even onstage), so the sound surrounded the audience and, due to the
low volume,  everyone got a completely different show depending on where
they were sitting.

People really enjoyed this event last year, and we've gotten several
requests to do it again-- so here we go.

Laptops Unplugged 2 will transpire Tuesday May 31st at the Acadia Cabaret
Theater in Minneapolis. So far we have 6 (maybe 8) performers-- please
contact me offlist if you're interested in playing this time.

Mike Hallenbeck

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