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Re: [microsound] Mac sequencing programs

I have used MOTU Performer since around 1991-2 when it was MIDI only, and enjoy no other DAW as much. I wish there were something like the old free versions of Vision Studio, I liked working in that program a lot - though many of its features are mirrored in many modern sequencing programs. DP's methodology, GUI and workspace are all much better aligned to the way I work than anything else I've tried, but I may be suffering some from being far too entrenched in one piece of software. However, I'll also maintain that this is the best way to use and learn such a piece of software. DP has always done me right.

Ableton Live is more akin to your request for an ACID-type interface and design, and I would recommend it to anyone (PC or Mac) who is looking to step up their loop sequencing and effects knowledge.

There is no real fruity loops equivalent on the Mac, except for programs which make it part of their overall design. Reason is exactly this, I recommend it to anyone who is beginning to get into music production who doesn't have a basic knowledge of some basic concepts. Tools like Reason are wonderful for their educational value.

Back when I first started to insert beat-oriented layers into my improvisations via laptop (when I was already doing a lot of non-computer performing with voices and other instruments), I found ReBirth to be indispensable, since I couldn't afford any hardware drum machine at the time, and already had a laptop.

(it's interesting to me, in retrospect, that in almost every case that I've ever ventured into using a laptop in performance, it has always been to add sound sources, and never to sequence or filter)

Good luck.... welcome to the Mac world of music, you'll never go back! ;)

http://www.synthzone.com/softsyn.htm has a bunch of helpful links to both new and older packages worth reviewing.


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