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Re: [microsound] [OT] So, how much spit does it take to fry a

I always use an external keyboard (and mouse) with my laptop
at home - which is where I do most of my composing. Not only
is it cheaper and more resilient to moisture, it is faster to
type on than a squashed up laptop keyboard. If I am going
somewhere not too far away and I know I will have space on the
desk I bring the keyboard with me. I am also find it better on
my eyesight to be sitting an extra keyboard width away from
the monitor :)

>>iâm on my fourth keyboard... several cab sav catastrophes
later.  how the hell
>>is anyone supposed to compose anything with a glass of red
wine by the
>>computer? yeesh.
>Very good question. Fortunately weâre not required to try.
>Once spilled most of a beer in a keyboard. Aparently even IBM
model Mâs 
>can die. Took something on the mo-bo with it, that pc can now
>without a keyboard attached if need be. Nice trick.