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Re: [microsound] Are all electronic music related writers bad writers?

On Sep 24, 2005, at 8:37 PM, Adam Young wrote:

Has anyone else noticed how terribly articles and press materials and things are written? Reviews, press, just about everything.. I'm no professional myself but i've seen some pretty ridiculous stuff out there. The number one thing I see is convoluted run-ons full of 88% adjectives, among other things.

Anybody care to wager a guess why it's all so embarrassingly poor?

I do not see a difference when one compares music critiques of electronic/Micro/non traditional music, with its counter parts. When have reviews and critiques ever truly predicated how you will perceive said piece the first time you listen to it? Not to say that there are not any people out there writing some really great/concise reviews but in the end that is relative as well.

I like some one who can review a project, say that they totally hate it, but still state that it is great, just not his/her cup of tea. I see a lot of ignorance from reviewers and critics alike becuase they are biased by there own OPINIONS or preconcieved notions of what is good.(Most times based on personal tastes)

I had an interesting conversation with a friend on this list. We were talking about how we never got into the WHO as kids and young adults. There is nothing about the Who that draws me to there music/sound. Does this make them less of a band then some of my favorites? Obviously the answer would be a big fat no. I can still recognize why they have such a following and had such a great impact on music of that era(and today),again just not my cup of tea.

Critiques and reviewers should always be taken with a grain of salt no matter how well they write, or how impressive of a resume/pedigree they have.

Most great art movements are usaully frowned upon by critics. In the beggining of Impressionisms, impressionist used the predicatbility and ignorance of critics to market themselves with great success. Stir the shit in the pot and people will want to see what all the commotion is about. Many critics lack the foresight to appreciate a trailblazer who is taking a genre in a new direction, or creating a new genre.

I rarely ever read reviews, and it is even rarer that i give them any validity at all until i have experienced the subject my self as well. Admittedly, that defeats the purpose of a critic/reviewer. I do not understand why some one who has a passion for art would need anyones view other then the views that they find in their own peer group? Birds of feather flock together right? I have too many friends on this list alone to turn to for a solid opinion, much less the circle of friends, like my self that i have formed over the years. I am sure it is the same for most every one on this list.


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