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Re: [microsound] Are all electronic music related writers bad writers?

Wow....that was a mouth full.
However, well put.  I believe that most 'reviewers' don't have a journalist degree.  I write for a magazine because they know someone and are able to put something together.  

Have you ever writen a review?  Maybe you should give it a try.


> I have to respectfully disagree with this line of argument. If I am
> reading a "review", I don't want to read poetry, or punctuation that looks
> like the self-indulgent work of an adolescent in their first creative
> writing class. I don't want to know what kinds of daydreams the reviewer
> had when they listened to the piece. I don't care that the piece reminds
> the reviewer of a sunny day in Moscow or getting dumped by a girlfriend. I
> simply want enough information on the piece of music in question to know
> whether it is something I might enjoy. If there is something particularly
> interesting or unusual about the way the music is put together, I also
> want to know that.
> Rather than try to make their writing musical, a reviewer or critical
> author might be better off focusing on a creative use of concepts. The
> CONCEPT itself should dictate the manner of expression, not the general
> subject matter. The demand that writing on music must have a poetic
> "veneer" threatens to turn such writing into a vacant gesture - where
> words exist only to be quickly devoured without contemplation by the
> over-stimulated hyperconsumer, looking for another bit of spectacle,
> another 5 minutes of escape from the boredom of everyday life.
> By the way, in my own opinion, if you want to do something like microsound
> using language, I'd say that coding custom AI text manipulators/generators
> would be much more in line with the aesthetic of microsound. Use of chance
> operations to create and modify texts also seems appropriate.
> ~David

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