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[microsound] microtonal music from Ukraine

Eugeniy Gnoystrelev - My Sweet Sweet EFA - [nchr006a] - 8.09.05

Eugeniy Gnoystrelev (Simferopol-based artist,Ukraine),who
was make sound-alchemy,man who try to find sulfur of orgons.
Transmutation of chemical microstructurs.

"....... For the glory of Great Lovers and Beautiful Women
For the Moon in her sweetest condition
For the love of Zigfride and Efa (orgon cloud - which was materialized
as white noise sub-s-tanze)
For the Kings Glory …
Mystery of machine libido …
Mechanized astral trips … – about love of a machine (Zigfride) to
orgon cloud (Efa )

Best Regards/shynobu