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Re: [microsound] Are all electronic music related writers bad writers?

On 9/25/05, graham miller <grahammiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> the question is: is writing about music simply informative (which it
> usually tries to be) or can it be creative? can it be an art unto
> itself?

there are still a fair amount of writers that opt for a much more
concrete approach in terms of description, eg, 'it was a collection of
static high end buzzing punctuated by bleeps and tiny clicks' rather
than commenting more prosaically. which isn't a bad thing i guess, if
you are looking for a literal description of the sounds therein. but
even that can fall far short, since many of the concrete
adjectives/descriptors can be wildly suggestive.

perhaps whats so vexing to people (mostly the writers, esp. ones that
arent coming from a lot of experience with this sort of music) is that
the music so often defies categorization. which is great. it at least
forces some writers to step up; one cant use rock (or whatever) idioms
for this sort of thing. (well, you can but its prolly going to be a
shite review).



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