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[microsound] Re : Sound topography

Hello Jerome Joy,

As Jerome Joy said, the term ""sound art" is already problematic"? I was
reading an article written by the french art critic and architect Tjibault
de Ruyter from the french magazine ArtPress, magazine I unfortunatly lent to
to a friend of mine? But what I remember is, according to de Ruyter, "Sound
Art" is still not very understood by the institutions? Probably due to 1.
Its complexity (this time, that's my point of view)? medium between art and
music (sound + art), or medium between sound + art + architecture according
to the installations that all of sound artists create? Wednesday, I received
a mail from the american sound artist Stephen Vitiello (you rpobably know)?
It was about a question I asked to him about the so-called project? He
answered that according to him :
                    " I don't think we can ever do enough to bring people's
awareness to how sound affects how we live our lives. In terms of the
growing urban force everywhere it is something we are always living with at
greater intensity and for some, working hard to block out. I am Seattle at
the moment for an exhibition and just woke up to the very loud sounds of
construction outside my hotel. There's a lot of industrial and commercial
sound that I love but at 7am I could do without it!"

Very interesting? Because, and that's my point of view, his assertion leads
to question about the nature of sound (that's I answered to him? By the way,
that will be closed to Jerome Joy's assertion which was : "approach the
singularities of using sound into an art practice or/and into a musical
practice")? City is a mixture of sound which can turn unbearable according
to our experience (I am very closed to this idea of "experience" and not
"cultural" or whatever)? It makes me remember of two or three things I read
from, respectively, Olafur Eliasson, Merleau-Ponty and the Dutch architect
Lars Spuybroek? All of them agree about one point "the desire to make
audible what is inaudible) (for Merleau-Ponty, the idea was to make visible
what is invisible (see The visible and the invisible). For Olafur Eliasson,
all his works turns around this bipolarity such as "Visible" and "Invisible"
as The "Green River" series have shown)? That is one of the starting point
of the project that I'm planning? Stephen Vitiello has the same reaction as
we all have when we are in noisy place? A young Japanese sound artist
Keiichirô Shibuya (www.atak.jp) talks with a japanese researcher Kenichirô
Mogi about the nature of the sound, I mean, whatever sound is, noisy or not,
it's still sound? Well what he wanted to say, ? and it's probably because
he's used to living in a noisy city as Tokyo ?, sound of the city has a
something like musicality? It's probably true?

See You Annick

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