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[microsound] Re: electro-acoustic blues

>>a call to common sense in a world that is increasingly becoming more 
>>and more complicated and out of balance. 

the blues aren't common sensical -- there is weird sexuality and awkward love and big worry in them, all the time. 

in fact, no escape.  maybe that is the key. no humanism to the rescue. just pathos, time, rhythm, body and soul.
sometimes joy -- chicago blues particularly in relation to movement (the one area which was truly a freedom
for black people post-slavery was the ability to get on a train and go)...

so a kind of specific 
expressivity is opened in the horizon of the sound...

which revolved around a pretty consistent structure
of sound... always recognizable. a form that was like a horizon that the 
blues player, blues man could work off/work within  

and formally was *not* especially tied to the Great path of Progress in the way that the
history of jazz was/is or modern music, etc. etc.(i.e. it would be unusual to speak of 
cutting edge or avant garde blues). 

this *non-belief* or indifference to the supposed nearly Categorical Imperative of (formal, at least!) Progress (the big ModernProgress story we have been socialized to believe in grade school, etc. -> social darwnism, social evolution, technology, etc. etc.)
is to some extent a precursor to the kind of glitch/dis-joints that frequent aesthetics of failure...

but no matter...(or.. ghosts in the machine...perhaps blues is one of the ghosts in microsounds machine?) 

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