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Re: [microsound] Socio/political implications of microsound music?

i agree with boris-

it is that reformation of the fundamental structures or the formal
reorganization of the medium in that our perceptions are changed- then we
can "see" differently- we aren't aware of these things until we have been
shown that they exist and develop a subsequent vocabulary to recognize
them - that is one thing that art can do for us and how art becomes
socially/politically important- the difficult part is not to get someone
to recognize new structures but to make them meaningful and relevant
enough that carry over from performance/ exhibition to real life

> I was in a politics of music class last semester, and at the end
> in
> the class had to present a politically charged piece of music (or
> Instead of picking a piece of politically charged music a la Bob Dylan,
> something, I chose microsound. I don't believe that it has a political
standing or charge in traditional ways, in that it speaks out about
governments, or wrongs done to people, but it is definately
> in
> the way music is made and thought of/about. Its structure is much different
> than that of popular music now, and is a lot closer to experimental
> of
> the mid 1900s, which was also revolutionary, and therefore political. I
think any time conventions are broken, and risks are taken, making the
music experimental, it can be, and is revolutionary.

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