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Re: [microsound] Socio/political implications of microsound music?

Dear PBJ,

No -- sorry -- but I have no faith that Microsound has any profound
social/political implications implicit within the form.  To an extent
I'd say this is true of all modern music styles.  Especially
nowadays, no group (or set of performative/creative/consumptive
practises) has any real ideological claim over a style of art.

I will also say, anticipating (perhaps wrongly - if so, excuse me)
that you mean Microsound has a progressive social/political agenda,
that you see much more Microsound being made by people with a
privileged background (bourgeois artistic sensibilities), and the
form is not unkind to latté-sipping beatniks... very few of whom
could be seen as 'revolutionaries'.  The truth is that artistic
radicals are most often aesthetes and while they may dabble in
political conscience, it's not the weight behind their art -
especially the wordless, insular art of Microsound, which is
predominantly composed on late-model laptop/desktop computers by
people who can afford them (ie. not factory workers).  As far as I
know it's mostly consumed through boutique retail and online outlets.

Don't get me wrong - I really like it - but I have certainly grown
wary of artists and fans who attach an excess of political meaning to
artworks which have really little to do with any of it.  And of
course, 100% personal opinion.

$0.02 ... Jon

Dear m'sounders

Sorry if that sounds like an essay title. I was wondering if anyone
thought there was an explicit or even implicit sociopolitical
aspect of microsound/digital music. For example, the way that lots
of experimental music in the 60's was interested in non-
hierarchical social and political structures which was reflected in
the way that music was composed, created and consumed.



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