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Re: [microsound] "romantic feelings about music"

rui-do wrote:

"Romantic feelings is to dream about the sound of clean air."

nice one; and this opens another classic topic:

"Silence is violent."

i think i'm going to start crying. ;)

On 6/29/06, rui-do <ruido@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> But sometimes distractions play an important role.
> And not only distractions, but all that is around and interpheres , all
> intrusive sounds from urban landscapes and modern architecture can be no
> longer detached from our sense of listening and understanding sound.
> Take a look at the recent cd from eric la casa on Sirr called "air.ratio"
> where he investigates almost scientifically the air noises produced in
> public buildings. I am very sensitive to ventilation systems but most
> people
> lack awareness on this.
> Romantic feelings is to dream about the sound of clean air.
> >
> > i have my best listening experiences on headphones when i'm out walking.
> > there's nothing else to distract me. that's one of the main reasons i
> walk
> > to walk at the moment.
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