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Re: [microsound] Re: electro-acoustic blues

That, or because its just really easy music to play.

On 27 Jun 2006, at 11:32, Mark R. wrote:

Hi Jeff,

Very interesting topic here and one that goes deep into many facets of
capitalism mixed with the political and racist forces that were shaping the
United States at this time. I for one am a believer that the blues was a
call to a lost voice of emotion within a cold materialistic society. It
wasn't only blacks that felt the blues, but all people who wanted to feel.
The severe conditions forced upon our darker skinned brethren intensified
these emotions to the point it became an absolute necessity that it come

You have to keep in mind that even black Americans at the time sometimes had
prejudices against this rooted music...due in part to the churches claim it
was Satanic. B B King once claimed that to play the blues in those times was
like being black twice. There are still roving musicians that recall the
histories and ancestries of the villages through their songs in many parts
of Africa, and are not so much a victim of prejudices, but of knowledge of
the supernatural and therefore not part of any village, but more like a
force of nature passing through and raining down ancestral knowledge.

I look at the blues in it's present form as the voice of what is basic, and
a call to common sense in a world that is increasingly becoming more and
more complicated and out of balance. I am not sure how one comes to a
connection with past bluesmen through the electronic recording process
except to have a feeling of it and express it honestly with raw emotion in
the moment.


Mark Ragsdale

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