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[microsound] Re: electro-acoustic blues


I'm on the digest so this reply is a little delayed...

Bruce Russell (acoustic guitar, vocal, analogue tape treatments, mixing
and composition) also released a fantastic cd with contributions from
Ralf Wehowsky (sitar, digital sound processing) on A Bruit Secret
called "Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues".

It's a very personal response to blues music and attempts to make links
between electro-acoustic music and blues, primarily their somewhat
shared relationship to recording technology in the 20th century.
Includes extensive liner notes from the always interesting and
entertaining Bruce Russell.

best, steve

steve bates
(514) 270-7919
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just remembered this new release on his netlabel
www.mattin.org (but he gave me hard copy version, nice
booklet) by bruce russel: "21st century field hollers
and prison songs"

--- Björn Eriksson <nowerik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tetuzi Akiyama


can anyOne onList point me towards projects that
exist @ intersections of
microsound, digital signal processing, electro-
acoustics ++ blues musics?

thnx in adv

// jonCates

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