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Re: [microsound] "romantic feelings about music"

i wrote:

"i imagine i'm a victim of our hedonist days and hardly ever go back and
listen to older music. that's why i don't care much about the romantic
feeling towards music."

we live on a hurry, at least i do. even trying to be conscient about it, i
do. things happen so quick.

that romantic feeling was related to the fact of keeping something (in this
case, the music). I said to myself, what's the point of keeping stuff 'm not
going to listen to? every now and then (maybe once a year) my stock gets
filtered. just few kilobytes remain. space is expensive, and time even more.
hosting physical data at my place means rejecting space for my children to
play. totally eaten by materialism some may say.

that romantic feeling was stated because of the satisfaction of owning a
piece of art. satisfaction which i rejected.

specially nowdays, i tend to listen to music as a contemporary exercise
which life is short according to the way i see mine go by. i have many times
tried to go back and listen to what many big names in the history of music
have defined as 'most significant' and most of the times haven't been
further than boredom.

ignorant? avantgarde? idiot? victim? anxious?

whatever but sincere.

have a nice day.

btw: cHristian negre is the nick my parents decided. ;)

On 6/27/06, Revolution #9 <hendrix@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think this could be a nice topic for this list...
> yesterday, guy under nick cHristian negre said in one of his posts "that's
> why i don't care much about the romantic
> feeling towards music", which is attitude only possible if you got any
> deeper in experimental music in the right way, with understanding of music's
> position, intention, historical developments and objectives...
> but, there's no dennying that some of world's most renowned microsounders
> tend to be very 'romantic' in their works;
> Fennesz, Ambarchi, Roden, Pan Sonic, Matmos, sometimes Pita - almost whole
> Mille P., Mego and Ritornell roster...
> "romantic" in the sense that often they can't (won't) deal away with the
> heritage of the past in totality, which is very interesting point of
> development of contemporary electronic/e.a. music that is coming from the
> "popular music" side of things (read: glitch)...
> and not to mention open tries at being downright "romantic" (in everyday
> meaning of the word) and "emotionally evocative and lifting"; attempts at
> that are numerous (Fennesz, Ambarchi and Roden first come to mind and almost
> whole drone music repertoire)....
> it's interesting phenomenon that I'd like to discuss with other people on
> this list...
> overall question could be: "how petty symphaties do evolve in experimental
> and advanced music ?",
> a topic Cage and Adorno once dealt with and, I think, a topic held its
> importance to these days....
> how the rest of the people see this ?...
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