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[microsound] synusi@: a text between the pages and the Net.


Synusi@: a text between the pages and the Net.

A video-installation for La Capitale Mondiale del Libro 

Torino, Atrium, Piazza Solferino
21-27 giugno 2006



Active between Italy and Austria, Casaluce-Geiger has explored the territories of the Self  giving life to synusi@, a multidimensional figure, a desiring virus that unexpectedly appears and disappears in different contexts and through different expressive media.

Like the character of Mystica in the comic X-Men, Synusi@ can assume various forms and dimensions pointing at different objects before substituting, imitating and, sometimes, deriding them; such an artificial creature is better defined by the word ‘cyborg’ and embodies the nature of an ‘artifice’ in its original sense through the re-creation of new meanings and the extrapolation of details from the context.

Passing through a web performance at the Biennale in Venice, a presence in an important Belgian Museum, and the personification of an unusual journalist for the magazine Drome -in a confrontation with the artist  Cattelan, synusi@ re-works the Self as a text composed by a series of allusive stratifications; such an artifice which has a natural tendency to baroque is created through the juxtaposition of heterogeneous images merging in a sort of book composed by many others.

Among the most important projects, there are From the pages of my diary, hosted live in the Atelier Augarten at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna and the often-anthologized image -a joyful, but, at the same time, unsettling self-portrait of the artist in men’s clothes playing a shaving posture- in which Casaluce-Geiger is critically engaged with others’ textures, including the allusive figuration of the Italian artist Betty Bee.

For the 2006 edition of La Capitale del Libro, Casaluce-Geiger presents two different visual projects: a video-installation showing some of Synusi@’s  raids and intrusions and a personal anthology of images about the artist’s research work.

In conclusion, Synusi@ keeps a diary of a reality in movement, a Self which is reluctant to be constrained and is, conversely, eager to explore all possible new dimensions between words and images, in search of a dialogical community composed of famous artists as, for example, Derrick de Kerkhove and Patrick Tuttofuoco.


Luca Scarlini