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Re: [microsound] How long should a "digital" album be

Am 26.6.2006 14:33 Uhr schrieb "cHristian negre i walczak" unter

> hi again peeps,
> i understood the title digital as audio which doesn't depend on physical
> media and i even dare to think that's what most have, right? could you ralph
> explain why is it a narrow view? do please help me open my mind.

i can only speak for myself, but i have far more physical media then
"digital audio". christian, i haven't stated that a) you have a narrow view
and b) i also haven't stated that having more digital media is wrong.

all i'm saying is that with "digital audio" you have the possibility of
deleting single tracks and "taking apart" a work in itself into different
sections (or tracks). if you listen to something and then decide which
tracks from an album you're going to keep and which not,  then you're
basing your decision making on what your approach to that particular
music is at that particular time... that's what i meant with narrowing
the view down... as i explained before i often rediscover tracks which
are older and suddenly i like them alot because out of whatever reason.
if i would have decided earlier on to delete that track i would never have
the possibility of redescovering things.

also in my opinion, it's very important why tracks are on one album and
why they are sequenced as they are and why they have a certain length, etc.
i would never rearrange tracks of an album in a different order or change
the flow of that... if it doesn't fit right together then it's not a good
album. pretty simple...

> one of the most important moments in the history of photography was when the
> artists decided to forget the reality. that is when a machine developed
> among a century to 'capture' and 'freeze' the world suddenly left behind its
> main objective.
> i imagine i'm a victim of our hedonist days and hardly ever go back and
> listen to older music. that's why i don't care much about the romantic
> feeling towards music.
> as everyone has, i have some song which are kept deeply in my heart, but not
> so much because of the quality of the music but for the experiences lived
> with them.
> have a nice day!

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