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Re: [microsound] How long should a "digital" album be


On 6/26/06, Paul Buckley-Jennings <p.b-j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Also as more material becomes available on a track by track
basis, the 60 minute album seem more like a convention based on an old
medium. What should be the "natural" length of a project, do you think?

depends on the project.

i think the 60 mins you're thinking about is a result of how music was
packaged more than anything intrinsic in the music. sun ra and
arkestra, the greatful dead, fela kuti and other groups of improvising
musicians could play 4 hours or more. i think that is a more 'natural'
timeframe than 1 hour.

and now, for myself, i find short forms much more welcoming than long
ones. i sometimes gather these smaller pieces into collections,
usually by date of creation; but that is more for organizing them than
making them part of the same project.

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