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Re: [microsound] Good resources for Processed Field Recordings

> --- Paul Buckley-Jennings <p.b-j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > After years of disappointment trying to make music/sound from physical
> > musical instruments (guitars mostly) and midi instruments, I've
> > recently discovered some joy and success in processing field
> > recordings (mine and others) using tools like Audacity and any
> > Nyquist/VST plug-in I can get my hands on. The only thing I really
> > know about this field is Francisco Lopez apparently does something
> > similar. Is this a standard "digital" technique and are there any good
> > resources in terms of tools/strategies or sites with similar
> > materials? Is anyone else here doing something similar? My approach is
> > to take several minutes (usually) of material, process it and layer
> > with other recordings.

Hi Paul,

No idea if you will find it relevant, but I've been working with field
recordings via my own processes for a while; most things are documented on
my site if you poke around.

More to the point you might find 'quiet, please' in the 'related projects'
section interesting; it collects interviews and monologs from various
people who work with field recordings, but it's a few years old now.
(The site is quietamerican.org, processed work is mostly filed under
'discography' and 'commissions.')

Beware that I haven't posted any writing about process specifically yet,
that's in the works but so is so much else...

Btw if you haven't found it you might enjoy the phonography mailing list
on Yahoo groups, it's specifically about aesthetically motivated
approaches to field recording. Not everyone there is interested in
composition, I'd say the core focus is simply on enjoying recordings as
is, but there are plenty of people there who process/compose as well.

Be sure to check out EarthEar.com and and-oar.org, both of which have
extensive catalogs of work in this area.

Finally if you're interested in the pre-history of this kind of work be
sure to check out musique concerete: Luc Ferrari, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre
Henri, etc... the Archives GRM box set is a great primer.

 best regards,

PS please consider submitting a favorite recording sometime to:



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