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[microsound] reminder: no posting announcements to the microsound list

in April 2005 (over a year ago now) we instituted a 'NO ANNOUNCEMENTS and NO CROSS-POSTING to the microsound list' policy

no announcements means: no cd releases, no calls for works, no concert info, etc. etc.; in other words NOTHING PROMOTIONAL!

it is understandable that n00bs will invariably discover this policy by posting an announcement and then receiving an email slap on the wrist from me...
no big deal as these people usually respond with an polite apology -- no big deal, end of story.

but when a long-term member posts an announcement to the main list it means you don't bother to read the list...
i.e., you demonstrate that you use the list for your own purposes and have little interest in contributing to it.
this behavior is not in the spirit of the list.

the microsound list was set up for building a community, not to become a vehicle for self-promotion.

if you need a place to post announcements and promotional communiques we set up another list called the microsound-announce list
John Saylor graciously set up this other list for that purpose.
if you go to the microsound web page you will find out how to sub to this other list
all announcements and cross posting should find its way to the other list...

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