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[microsound] LISTEN 03 - listening event in Berkeley, CA. 6/23/06 .

i hope all of you in the bay area can make it !
if so, make sure to say hello,


-- LISTEN 03 Friday, June 23, 2006 (8:00 PM - 10:00 PM) Studio Rasa, 933 Parker St. Berkeley, CA, California 94710

Overlap.org Presents LISTEN 03 (the third installment).
LISTEN is a new audio series that explores the art of intense listening. In collaboration with Audio Rasa and Overlap.org,
Christopher Willits has commissioned * unreleased * sound works from an international pool of acclaimed contemporary sound makers. These unique recordings will be amplified within the beautiful Studio Rasa in Berkeley CA. Come prepared to tune in and zone out.

LISTEN 03 will feature * unreleased * sound work from the following artists :

Greg Davis - http://www.kranky.net/artists/davisg.html
Gregg Kowalsky - http://ossobucco.net/
Keiichi Sugimoto - http://www.cubicmusic.com/english/frame.html
Sawako - http://www.12k.com/sawako.html

Hosted by Christopher Willits.

Previous LISTEN events have featured unreleased recordings by
Frank Bretschneider, Sebastien Roux, Taylor Deupree, Kenneth Kirschner, Strategy, Kenric Mcdowell,
Richard Chartier, and Christopher Willits.

$10 advance tickets, $12 at the door.
Advanced tickets :
Studio Rasa, 933 Parker St
Berkeley, CA 94710
phone: 510.843.2787

Event Website: http://overlap.org/

Next LISTEN event, LISTEN 04 will be on august 25th, same time/location.


-- http://www.christopherwillits.com http://www.overlap.org


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