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[microsound] OT: New online magazine dedicated to media/arts

A friend is starting a new online media/arts magazine called Innovative. The magazine is looking for artists who are unknown and aims to give them exposure. I know lots of people here are involved in various forms of art and I thought this list would be an ideal place to reach the right people.

The email address is to reply to is: innovative_06@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here are all the details:

INNOVATIVE adjective 1. origination, creation, invention and design. 2. the art of introducing something new; having a new and unusual idea. 3. a new online magazine introducing new and unrecognised talents.

Innovative covers everything and anything to do with undiscovered works in the media/arts. Whether these are works by visual artists, writers, filmmakers, music makers, journalists, or someone making an as-yet unnamed form of art, Innovative covers it.

This is a place where you can post your work for all to see/read/hear and comment on, chat to other artists like yourself in the forum, make career-furthering contacts,
share your ideas before they become reality or simply make friends with likeminded people.

This is a place where an up and coming artist can show off their skills and talents, whatever they may be, without bias or discrepancy.

The magazine will be full to bursting point with reviews of short stories, film scripts, poetry, new music and short films.

?Innovative thoughts lead to Innovative magazine?


Select a job and write a brief description what you intend to contribute (e.g. post-digital poetry, pre-Raphaelite photographs, urban-sprawl poetry, etc).

· WRITERS (scripts, short stories, poetry, travel stories, etc)

· EDITORS (chief, co)

· PRODUCTION (web designers)

· ARTIST (music, film, photographers, etc)

· JOURNALIST  (news/events)

· PR/ADVERTSING, MARKETING (advertisement, exposure, target market)






These details are private, they are for company use only, and will not be shared with anyone at all. We swear on the eyes of our future children that this information stays with us.

1. What is Innovative?
Innovative is an independent online literary/art/media magazine dedicated to providing exposure for as-yet unknown artists deserving of wider recognition. Innovative is full of intelligent reviews, articles, interviews and digital content (music, video and photography) presented to inform and enlighten.
2. Who is Innovative?
A small but dedicated team of likeminded creative people who love the art but hate the monotony of mainstream art.
3. What are Innovative?s aims?
To expose progressive artists who innovate through genuine personal expression rather than novelty. To encourage its readers to be more creative. To promote thought through its articles and reviews. To unite individuals who want more than the mainstream media offer. To cover art which the mainstream media ignore.
4. Why is the magazine called Innovative?
Because of its focus on promoting innovative artists, writers and thinkers. Also, unlike other magazines Innovative relies upon its readers to determine much of its content. A large percentage of the magazine consists of works provided by its creative readership, many of whom are artists, writers, etc.
5. How can I contact Innovative?
6. How can I contribute to Innovative?
At the moment, you may only contribute on a freelance basis (i.e. no job vacancies right now). To do so, contact the editor with your ideas or enclosing a few (i.e. maximum three) LINKS to examples of your work. We love submissions; we hate Inbox-filling attachments. Remember: LINKS not ATTACHMENTS.

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