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[microsound] Re: [Microsound-announce] 48volt mic to MD field recording question?

hi can i ask off the back of this about if anyones got
any good ideas about how to fit up a mic thats needs
48 volt phantom power to a normal minidisc recorder
please? i've checked out DI boxes but they all seem to
need a power supply, which i wouldnt have (or haven't
thought about how to sort out) in 'the field'.



--- p jørgensen <p@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i need a cheap (and preferably good) mic for doing
> field recordings 
> onto my hi-MD.
> cheap in this case meaning less than $100.
> the mic has to be small (pocketsize).
> no pre-amp.
> would electrets be a good solution?
> and yes, i know the recordings won't be as good as
> using better gear, 
> but these are my limitations.
> any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> /peter
> http://clangtint.net                  
> http://www.myspace.com/clangtint
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