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Re: [microsound] Re: [Microsound-announce] 48volt mic to MD field recording question?

> hi can i ask off the back of this about if anyones got
> any good ideas about how to fit up a mic thats needs
> 48 volt phantom power to a normal minidisc recorder

Rolls and ART both make 9V-battery powered phantom supplies that have
tested well with MD recorders. These are not preamps, just phantom
powering units. They are bigger and heavier than the MD itself but have
tested well with a wide variety of mics (providing enough power with no
discernible addition of noise).

I paid about $80 for the Rolls unit as I recall. It's the PB224 -- the
similar PB223 runs off a wallwart, not battery!

Btw another alternative would be to use a batter powered pre like the
Sound Devices MP2 (if you can find one used for $350) which also provides
phantom. The pres on the HiMDs are so good tho that this is not cost
effective unless you also want say the M/S decoding available in the MP2.



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