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[microsound] RE:multispeaker interface references.. Ambisonics and pd



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Friday, February 17, 2006 7:21 AM
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Subject: Re: [Sursound] Ambisonics and pd


Sursounders my like to know that our ambilib externals for pd are now available for both Win32 and Mac OSX platforms. Ambilib contains the following (first order only) objects;

ambipan~      two input to Bformat output panner object

ambidec~       BFormat in pre-set decoder,  does the following decodes ;- mono, stereo, square, rectangle, hexagon , 2 different octagons, cubic

ambi2s~        BFormat to 6 output decoder, specialised to cinema type surround, partially programmable.

ambimic~      BFormat to 2 output decoder, specialised to stereo coincident mic outputs, partially programmable.

ambiplane~   BFormat, fully steerable mirror effect

ambiproc~   BFormat, fully steerable rotate/tilt/tumble processor

ambizoom~   BFormat, fully steerable dominance effect

This can be downloaded from http://music.york.ac.uk/mrc/download.php .. The .zip file contains ambilib as a Mac OSX .app and a PC .dll . There are also source and makefiles for both platforms

Derived from the VST plugins, the code is mostly mine but with significant contributions from various of our Music Technology students. The pd port was by Matt Paradis.



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