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Re: [microsound] multispeaker interface references?

you should also check out the ambiunix system made by the komponent people > http://ambiunix.komponent.dk/
they recently ported the whole system to pd

best, carsten

Hello all,

I am assisting a professor right now with building a multi-speaker
programmable "grid" where sound events can be triggered and programmed in
various configurations, controlled (hopefully) from Pd.  The model right now
involves two large metal frames where speakers will be hung in different
shapes and clusters.  We are looking to create a sort of "organism"
structure that will allow the piece to react to itself based on parameters
set up in Pd - these microsound sort of self-sustaining structures and sound
models are of great interest to us.

I know that we're not the first to try and do something like this, so I'm
turning to the list to see if anyone can think of any musicians or sound
artists who use or make these sort of things - anything even related would
be good.  Not really as much a technical question as much as I am looking
for references for this project, though technical information would be
appreciated as well.


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