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Re: [microsound] iannix software?

Didn't he build the UPIC at the CEMAMu (now known as CCMIX) ?


Sorry, link only in French. Auto-translation may be enough though.


Le 24 août 06 à 23:09, Kyle Klipowicz a écrit :

Thanks for the tip, Frank!

For those who aren't aware, UPIC was developed by Iannis Xenakis as
IRCAM, and is a computer program that generates sound based on drawing
sketches on a frequency vs. time graph.  I know that Metasynth has
similar features, but costs a pretty penny.  It will be neat to see if
this free software is any good!

For some odd reason, I could not find an English Wikipedia entry about
UPIC.  You can read about it and many other interesting creations in
The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads.


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