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Re: [microsound] a personal appreciation of microsound?

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006, Rod Stasick wrote:
> the reviewer seems to have had a preconceived idea
> of what "should" happen by trying to hang it on the
> microsound coat-rack of someone else and was unable to -

Not managing to fit what's being listened to into a pattern built on past 
experience is a clear way for music to fall short of enjoyable, or even 

I managed a while ago to get a CD to a radio DJ; she played it on the air. 
Or tried to. For nearly a minute she skipped around the track. On the 
disc's retrieval, she said she's sorry, but the disc is broken and she 
couldn't find the music, what is this, some kind of joke?

Don't underestimate how much music's perceived musicality can depend on 
its similarity to already-accepeted-as music, or on the 
marketing/packaging surrounding it.

Dear Patron Saint,
your lips are lopsided

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