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[microsound] a personal appreciation of microsound?

The question of whether or when sound becomes music or more broadly "something a person would wish to submit their ears to".... is raised on occasion in the context of microsound compositions....

Claudia's recent release on Audiobulb Records has prompted a number of reviewers to question raise questions in their reviews such as "Is this music?" or "is there any point to this?".

A quote from http://angryape.com/reviews/2006/08/claudia-weve-met-before-when-we-were ..... "The trilogy of tracks that makes up Me And My Tornado is the most uncomfortable listen, the broken sound clips are harsh and unpleasant on the ears. Don't get me wrong, I don't need pretty sounds to make something sound good, but this is too sparse, too little, bordering on the pointless, the realm of is this or is it not music? Rarely is there more than one sound overlapping with another, the samples are jarring clangs and snaps intertwined with emptiness throughout all three tracks.

+++++++ So to cut to the question that is on my mind +++++++

Why do some of us enjoy/appreciate or find interest in repeated exposure to microsound compositions whilst others are repelled by it?

1. Is this a learnt behaviour and if so why?

2. Does this reflect developmental experiences?

What cognitive, personality or experiential elements lie behind your understanding of microsound appreciation?

Best wishes

David @ www.audiobulb.com

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