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Re: [microsound] Re: thom yorke's eraser (Burial)

in my humble opinion the burial record is by far overrated.
sampling massive attack just is to easy...

for anyone freaking out because they think burial is ****ing good,
they should check out what scorn did 10 years ago. absolutely
stunning (and far heavier, deeper and better produced). and the
good thing about it is also that theirs no massive attack sampling
in near sight...

cheers, ralph.

Am 18.8.2006 16:35 Uhr schrieb "peter lasell" unter <p_lasell@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Ive heard that bit about Burial using nothing but Soundforge, which I find
> suspect. Soundforge can't loop or multitrack, and the lp certainly sounds like
> that. Soundforge + Acid I can believe.
> Peter
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