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Re: [microsound] Meta Synth pro 4

NI's komplete is a great deal too, i think. worth every penny.

On 4-Aug-06, at 6:09 PM, David Powers wrote:

Which is why so much software gets stolen, because even a lot of people who
make their living doing music (at least the ones I know), can't afford those
kind of prices... Even software I've bought, turns out to be too expensive
to keep up with the overpriced upgrades.

*Two exceptions to this that are NOT overpriced, in my opinion, are Plogue
Bidule, and Audiomulch. Much love to those developers making software that
working people, including working musicians, can afford.

These days, I have tried to get away from overpriced (or stolen) stuff and
stick with all the excellent free software that is available, as much as I
can. I hope especially to see Pure Data keep developing to be able to do
more and more things that were once the domain of expensive commercial


On 8/4/06, Neil Wiernik <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

no I meant that 99 percent of pro level software is that price. go into
any pro recording studio and you will see that 500 is the starting price
for pro apps.

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