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[Microsound-announce] Hope you are prepairing to enjoy a nice x-mas time

$Dear Readers,
Hope you are prepairing to enjoy a nice x-mas time

In 2006 many things took place @ our BiP_HOp HQ and to end the year nicely 2 of our records got nominated to the Qwartz Awards:

Same Actor
BiP_HOp Generation v.8

Feel free to follow the links and vote for us, or any other one your ears dictate you to, but in any case please express yourself and support that nice initiative



In hope to share our passions allow my pointing out 50 records we have played repeatedly throughout the year (in no particular order, mind you), obviously avoiding favouritism and not placing any BiP_HOp in the list... 

Believe me it has been tough to select only 50 out of 500 + which I got in 2006... So feel assured that those brought a large pleasure to my ears, kept growing on me with every listen and sometimes called me in the middle of the night... Special thumbs up to our friends from Glasgow who penned "Friend Of The Night" the most delicious and addictive lullaby, ex-aequo with that torrid cover of Pixies' "break my body" coming from a cold coutry but warming your hands so nicely... 

Let's stop digressing and enjoy the music :

Barry Adamson : stranger on the sofa (Central Control International)
Foetus : love (Birdman)
Enablers : output negative space (Neurot)
Many Fingers : our worn shadow (Acuarela)
Hanne Hukkelberg : break my body (Leaf)
Scanner : messe : klang der macht (KünstRäume) 
The Timeout Drawer : nowonmai ((Consumer Research & Development Label) 
Modern Institute : excellent swimmer (Expanding)
Flanger : spirituals (Nonplace)
Tu M' : fragile touch of the coincidence (Headz)
Grails : black tar prophecies (Important)
Phelan Sheppard : harps old master (Leaf) 
Psapp : the only thing i ever wanted (Domino)
Biosphere : dropsonde (Touch)
Akira Ifukube : king kong vs. godzilla (Lalaland)
Daedelus : denies the day's demise (Ninja tune)
Mécanosphère : limb shop (Raging Planet)
Mogwaï : mr beast (PIAS)
Ateleia : formal sleep (Xeric/Table Of The Elements)
Pierre-Yves Macé & Quatuor Pli : crash test 2 (Orkhestra)
Isis : in the absence of truth (Ipecac)
Avia Gardner : mill farm (Intr:Version)
Red Sparowes : every red heart shines toward the read (Neurot)
Picore : l'hélium du peuple (Jarring Effects)
Frequency : s/t (Thrill Jockey)
Boxhead Ensemble : nocturnes (Atavistic)
Motohiro Nakashima : I dreamt of constellations sang (Loaf)
Animal Collective : feels (Fat Cat)
Mandelbrot Set : all our actions are constantly repeated (Highpoint Lowlife)
Felix Kubin : atoma exi mono (Solnze)
Gang Gang Dance : god's money (The Social Registry)
Rafael Toral : space (Staubgold)
Robert Lippok : robot (Western Vinyl)
Schneider TM : skoda mluvit (City Slang)
Duchess Says : noviciat mere-perruche (Slum)
Tied & Tickled Trio : a. r. c. (Morr Music)
Legendary Pink Dots : your children placate you from premature graves (Roir)
World's End Girlfriend : the lie lay land (MIDI Creative / noble)
Pan.American : for waiting, for chasing (Mosz)
Erik Friedlander : prowl (Cryptogramophone)
Bästard : yet, reloaded... (Ici d'Ailleurs)
1 Kilo Of Black Bondage : fear the windows (Wallace)
Aethenor : deep ocean sunk the lamp of light (VHF)
Tunng : comments of the inner chorus (Talitres)
The DFA Remixes chapter 1 (DFA)
Terrestrial Tones : dead drunk (Paw Tracks)
Tape : rideau (Hapna) 
ZU : the way of the animal powers (Xeng) 
Judith Juillerat : soliloquy (Shitkatapult) 
VA. idol tryouts vol.2 (Ghostly international) 


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