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Re: [microsound] an interesting monolake answer

> The other issue is the visual representation of sound. All musicians
> will agree that sound is powerful enough to need some visual
> representation. IMHO I have no doubts about that. What is tested here
> is our capacity to resist the pressure that the audio-visual mass 
> culture is making on us.

I have no doubt that this no agreement that sound needs visual

Where is the pressure to include visuals coming from? Are electronic
music programs telling students to include visual now?

Is the success of youtube making muscians without visuals feel

> Should we add visuals to our music? (done by ourselves or with the
> aid of
> a filmmaker). Could it be that we are lacking performance skills? Or
> even
> musical skills to generate a really overwhelming musical or sound
> enviroment for an audience? Should a musician perform? Is it
> mandatory?
> The problem is deeper than it seems.

Obviously these are questions that individuals must decide for
themselves.. I don't see why there has to be a group consensus over it.


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