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RE: [microsound] an interesting monolake answer

Just wanted to quickly say that I completely agree with Henke's quote.

The applications we use have an important effect on our process and final
result. Period.

Sequencers (Protools, Logic, DP, etc...) encourage us to think in very
specifics way -- multiple tracks displaying oh so very linear info --

Sequencers are the mainstream and thus this way of working/thinking is a
major influence on almost all the music we hear today. I have in fact, meet
many professional musicians and producers who don't even realize it is
possible to compose, perform and edit in other ways.

Thankfully, this list is open to experimentation and alternatives.

Also, about quantization, I understand what you all mean in the context of
this discussion. But make no mistake: everything you input into the computer
is quantized. ALWAYS.

-- It doesn't matter if quantize is turned on or off. 'Quantize on' simply
makes it adhere to more particular rules. --

Ultimately, aware or not, like all other instruments, the computer is a

The tool has become the message.

keep composing. 


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