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[microsound] year-enders

So, to preempt the deluge of year-end favorites lists, I'd love to see some thought about a slightly tougher list.... Anyone want to submit a short list (preferably just a single album/piece) of music this year that, for you, was truly a leap forward ( sideways, if you want to avoid Hegelian connotations) for microsound music, or music in general? Something that shifted the landscape, forced it's way into new territories, something that was unforgettably powerful or compelling, something incommensurable... Not so much the album that you listened to the most on your way to work, but more, the album that will be troubling you for a long time, the one that got you excited about the possibilities of music. Or, if not any of these things, then whatever comes closest. And why.

I've got to think for a bit about my choice.

- Scott Carver

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