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Re: [microsound] artificats?

Damian Stewart hat gesagt: // Damian Stewart wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >Today a bunch of bits can be both the concerto and the compact disk
> >quite easily.
> Mm, bits are tricky like this; they lack physicality (even though they 
> are themselves based on /arrangements/ of physicality - electrons, 
> magnetic fields) yet they often describe physical things (movement of 
> air particles, patterns of photons, solid objects).
> I think though that for a bunch of bits to 'be' a piano concerto, some 
> kind of translation has to take place. So it's more a case of a bunch of 
> bits being translatable to a concerto or a compact disk, rather than 
> actually being the concerto or the compact disk itself...

I'm actually referring to something like "tape music" which is quite
common in "academic" computer music and somehow maybe beyond. Here the
tape or compact disk or wav-file *is* the concerto. You can fully
reproduce it at home.

 Frank Barknecht                 _ ______footils.org_ __goto10.org__

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