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Re: [microsound] the culture industry

To me its Entertainment.  It is disposable.  If somebody appreciates
that then fine, that is what they are into.  There will always be
people that want more substance in the music they listen to and will
be willing to pay for it.  I bet a lot of people on this list do not
watch MTV or VH1.  I know that i do not.  I barely watch TV at all.
People gravitate towards their interest's.
I feel its sad, but at the same time who am i to judge anyone?
Ignorance is bliss to a lot of people.  Life goes on.


On Dec 3, 2006, at 1:37 PM, András Rónai wrote:

So what is really the problem?

That 40 years old men write the songs that teenagers listen to?
So should teenagers write the songs other teenagers listen to? Should
teenagers write, direct and edit the films they watch? Should
write the books they read? (And so should 6 year old children write

Is the problem that the music industry uses young,
good-looking girls instead of 40 years old, not-so-good-looking men?

I think there are more 40 or more years old men on music channels I
can't stand. At least young girls are good to look at, even if
that's the
only important difference.

Or is that they use effects in the studio?
Is that really a problem here on the microsound list? ;)

Well, my point is that while the video is entertaining it doesn't
touch any
of the real problems of the music industry, or say the
of culture.


On 12/3/06, Kim Cascone <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

this clip



is from a doc film titled 'Before The Music Dies' and shows how a pop
song/singer is manufactured...


I read an in-depth article in the New York Times Magazine a few years
back on the same subject/issues: manufacturing a pop star/hit
single...I tossed it during a spring studio cleaning but I'm sure
some Googling would reveal title/author

q1: has the steady stream of swill coming from the 'culture industry'
given people the impression that music is disposable and hence not
worth paying for?

q2: is filesharing a  _symptom_  of the devaluation of cultural
artifacts or simply a problem in itself?

Adorno turns in his grave

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