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Re: [microsound] the culture industry

and do you think that microsound is somehow above the steady stream of swill that constitutes your 'culture industry'?
that sounds like the same kind elitist and uninformed nonsense that adorno would spew from his pedestal on a regular basis.

On 3-Dec-06, at 1:08 PM, Kim Cascone wrote:

this clip

http://axiomsun.com/home/video/no_talent_no_problem! _how_to_create_a_sexy_pop_star.html


is from a doc film titled 'Before The Music Dies' and shows how a pop song/singer is manufactured...


I read an in-depth article in the New York Times Magazine a few years back on the same subject/issues: manufacturing a pop star/hit single...I tossed it during a spring studio cleaning but I'm sure some Googling would reveal title/author

q1: has the steady stream of swill coming from the 'culture industry' given people the impression that music is disposable and hence not worth paying for?

q2: is filesharing a _symptom_ of the devaluation of cultural artifacts or simply a problem in itself?

Adorno turns in his grave

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