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Re: [microsound] This list contradicts

Since I was the one who started this irresolvable philosophical wank by trying to be helpful when someone couldn't find a particular recording, I apologise. In the end, we must all follow our respective ethics and do as we must. The ethics themselves are irrelevant as long as we're true to them.

The real artist ripoffs are the greedhead weasels in the recording industries, and short of mounting an assassination jihad, there's not much we can do about it if we opt to release our work through them (please, let's not start a philosophical thread in this direction). Fortunately, technology has advanced recording, editing, duplication and distribution to a point where it's technically and economically feasible to eliminate the bloodsucking middlemen and do it ourselves. We may not sell millions of CDs this way, but I think that, for most of us anyway, the stuff we're doing will never have the mass appeal that elevates us to pop star wealth and status. While it's a lovely dream to be able to make a living from our art, the first consideration should be creation of the art, with making a buck from it as a periphal factor and not the primary motivation. Otherwise, we should all just give it up and become Yannis...

Getting back on a more relevant topic, are y'all familiar with Miniorgan <http://www.miniorgan.com>? It's all about cheesy toy synthisizers and musical toys with sample sounds of some of these delightful little gizmos, some of which could be potentially useful in creative work. And useful or not, it's fun.


the boris / sunn 0))) became focused on a russian mp3-site (and assciated politic / ethics) instead of discussing the music.



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