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re: [microsound] This list contradicts

sorry, i don't understand.

isn't piracy and donwloading related to music??

should we open a new list for every single thread?


>I just don't understand this list.  I read the emails semi-regularly so when
>I checked this time, there was a big list of Sunn/Boris headings.  I
>thought, cool; I'll have a look.  2 artists which I enjoy listening to.
>What I find is a topic that is totally off-topic and not even 'microsound'.
>Sure, this happens on forums/mailing lists so that's not the main annoyance.
>The main annoyance was when the myspace music topic came up a while back and
>people were listing 'microsound' type projects for people to listen to and
>THATS when people became uptight and started waving their hands around.
>Why?!!  I thought it was great to actually listen to some of the music which
>s meant to be being discussed.  People should be interested in listening to