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[microsound] new sequencer from cooptrol

I have just uploaded to my webpage the new version of my "cptrl" sequencer

Its called "cptrl av" (av stands for audio-video)

It has a video generating engine in sync with the sequences. It has two
waveform graphs anda a quicktime movie player, all intearcting together by
multiplexing in sync.

it also includes scale and root note selectors for creating harmonic
music, and a pair of poly synths with chord capability

other features: independent signature sequencers, delay/flanger, reverb in
the main output, fft sampler-player, bit crusher in each synth, simplyfied
preset system, rewire sync in mxb version
(Im trying to resolve rewire not working in the standalone version)

check it out at http://www.cooptrol.com/software/cooptrol_software.htm

feedback welcome!!



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